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Reheated Cabbage In Reheated Cabbage You Can Enjoy Christmas Dinner With Begbie And Discover How Aliens Addicted To Embassy Regal Have Midlothian Under Surveillance You Will Meet A Husband Who Values A Televised Hibs V Hearts Game Than His Wife S Life And See Two Guys Fighting Over A Beautiful Girl Agree After A Few Pills And Pints Of Lager That Their Friendship Is Actually Important And You Will Be Delighted To Welcome Back Juice Terry Lawson, And To Watch What Happens When He Meets His Old Nemesis Under The Strobe Lights Of A Miami Beach Nightclub.

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    This book was great I ve become a huge fan of Welsh and I really enjoyed these new old stories involving various characters in his universe The novella at the end, I am Miami, is like a sequel to both Porno and Glue Juice ...

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    Welsh is back It s time for me to blather aboot this eminently readable collection of Welsh s short stories, spanning from 1994 2000 And what a cracker it is, too.Written in Welsh s typical vernacular, complete with his idiosyncratic sense of spelling and grammar, Reheated Cabbage captures the essence of Wels

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    I ve read quite a few of Irvine Welsh s novels Trainspotting, Porno, Filth, Ecstasy and I can t help but think that once you ve read one or possibly two , you ve pretty much read them all Drugs, sex, violence, sexism, homophobia that kind of car crash literature that you don t want to like but somehow can t help i

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    Fraierii tia sco ieni ai lui Irvine Welsh tiu cum merge treaba Sunt ni te reguli simple pe care mecherii ia adev ra i le deduc c t ai zice Ecs din cele opt povestiri care duhnesc a Varz re nc lzit Oricine tie mireasma, apare cel pu in o dat pe s pt m n la fiecare etaj din orice bloc i i mpute hainele at t pe dinafar ,

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    Remember that scene in the movie Trainspotting where the main character is swimming through the toilet in the most disgusting public bathroom in Scotland That s the place Welsh consistently takes the reader in this collection of stories He s got guts I ll give him that, but N ah suppose thit what it aw boils doon tae is thi

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    The title of this book really says it all Most of the stories are really very dull and uninteresting, and kind of confusing because it becomes tough to keep track of which character from Welsh s universe we re learningabout One story, about aliens who learned everything they know about Earth from one of Welsh s hooligans had pro

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    I am a committed Irvine Welsh fan I think what he does with the Scottish dialect is incredibly creative I have never read another author who I could so clearly hear while I am reading It is a pretty fun experience Plus, he is very funny, in an incredibly dark way The other thing he does which I really like is he uses the same charact

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    Irvine Welsh s Reheated Cabbage left me quite underwhelmed Simply put, I was expecting something truly wild and shocking and instead got a mildly entertaining, yet somewhat bland mix of short stories The best of the bunch have to be i Elspeth s Boyfriend i , with an ever delightful and psychotic Francis Begbie, and i I Am Miami i , which

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    Os contos podem ser chocantes pela torpeza das personagens, pela quantidade excessiva de palavr es que usam e de drogas que consomem Todos os contos parecem falar de um submundo que n o est assim t o longe de n s, mas...

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    There were some great stories in this, the opener, about the guy desperate to get home for the football, and Christmas with the begbie family being the two stand out ones.It reminds you of how cruel, viscous and near the knuckle Welsh can be.outstanding.A few others I liked not t...

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