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Legacy of Lies A Small Town Attorney Takes On Prejudice And Corruption In This Powerful Legal Thriller Small Town Lawyer Bocephus Haynes Comes Home Late One Night To Find District Attorney General Helen Lewis Waiting For Him Her Ex Husband Has Just Been Killed She S About To Be Arrested For His Murder And She Wants Bo To Represent HerThere S A Lot Working Against Them Just Before His Death, Helen S Ex Husband Threatened To Reveal A Dark Secret From Her Past Bo Has Been In A Tailspin Since His Wife S Death What S , His Whole Life Has Been Defined By A Crime Committed Against His Family, And He Continues To Face Prejudice As The Only African American Litigator In Pulaski, TennesseeBo S Back Is Against The Wall, And Helen Resigns Herself To A Dismal Fate But A Stunning Discovery Throws Everything Into Chaos There S A Chance For Justice, But To Achieve It, The Cost Might Be Too Much For Bo To Bear

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    Legacy of Lies is packed to the hilt like a weighty pulled pork sandwich Plenty to sink your teeth into.Robert Bailey sets out his characters rubbing shoulder to shoulder with one another It s small town Pulaski, Tennessee where everyone knows everyone else s business and beyond We set foot into Helen Evangeline Lewis office where she is the District Attorney General known

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    Thank you toprime reads for this page turner Holy cow, couldn t put it down A disgraced lawyer takes the case of his career to turn his life around he is defending the district attorney who is accused of murdering her ex husband Great action and cast of characters The tension builds until, BOOM, the twist at the end was shocking.

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    I read this because I got it for free, and it was worth about that much It s not the worst legal thriller I ve ever read, but it s a weak entry The courtroom procedure and evidence were sloppy, the plot twists were unbelievable and contrived, and an air of sexism and racism permeated the book This is also one of those irritating books that constantly refers to earlier ones, which ar

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    Attorney Robert Bailey knows how to write a dynamic, riveting legal thriller with depth and emotional integrity He s proved this before with his award winning, best selling McMurtrie and Drake legal series He is an author who knows how to put the thrill back in legal thriller, with full blown action, unexpected twists, and dramatic climaxes.With Legacy of Lies, Bailey s newest book, he p

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    A good, easy read.Somewhat predictable.until the very end Storytelling kept my interest Characters are colorful Not too much legalese Nice short chapters makes for easy stop start for picking up and putting down as needed.

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    What a Gift This was my monthly freebie via my Prime membership what a gift it is I have previously read Robert Bailey s legal thrillers and I ve enjoyed them immensely this book has certainly earned a well deserved Five Review from me Mind you I ve always had a soft spot for Bo Well done R.B I m looking forward to the next one What a Gift This was my monthly freebie via my Prime membership what a

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    Fantastic Starting with his first novel, The Professor, Robert Bailey creates a world full of Alabama football nostalgia, southern landmarks, intriguing characters and captivating stories Legacy of Lies continues his success while focusing on my favorite character from his first four books, Bocephus Haynes Start with The Professor and you ll quickly become addicted to this Rammer Jammer legal thriller

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    As a sucker for almost any series of mysteries which has a unique, fascinating lead character, I am thrilled with the protagonist for Legacy of Lies, part mystery, part thriller, and part courtroom drama But how could you getinterested in a series than having the lead character be a black lawyer in the South And this is not just any black man but, A black man whose biological father was the Imperial Wizard

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    I have to admit that I don t quite understand the one word, one star reviews of this book Legal thrillers are one of my favorite subgenres, but I hadn t read this author before this story While I was perhaps a little turned off by the initial scene, though I understand its necessity, I was riveted by the story as soon as we got to the heroine, a female prosecutor nicknamed The General I thought she was absolutel

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    Probably the worst book I ve read in 2020, for many reasons I decided to read this book when I saw it available for free onPrime reading because a It was free and I was between books, b I am a fan of the legal thriller genre, c the author is from my home state, and d the setting is less than an hour s drive from my former middle Tennessee home Given all those things, I was hoping for something like the late Scott Pra

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