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Doctor Who It Is March 1941, And Britain S Wartime Fort Unes Are At Their Nadir But Events Are Still Following The Course Of History The Doctor Is Therefore Alarmed To Discov Er That The Nazis Are Building A Superweapon That Could End The War Overnight.

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    Bloody brilliant The incredible violence isn t excessive or overdone, but serves to reinforce the inescapability of oppressive regimes The narrative works as a standalone but also ties in excellently with the over arching 7th Doctor narrative of the NAs Strongly recommended.

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    return return This is a New Adventure with the Seventh Doctor, Benny, Ros and Chris, with flashbacks to the Seventh Doctor s travels with Mel which have never merited a full length spinoff novel of their own I realised about a qurter of the way in that I had heard an audio adaptation of

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    Between the books and audio and TV media you could probably throw a brick in the air during WWII and there s a reasonable chance it would land on a visiting version of the Doctor And if it did, there s about a 50% chance it d be 7 So when I saw the nazis on the cover I rolled my eyes Here we go a

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Just War , by Lance ParkinThis wasn t the first Lance Parkin book that I ve read I got started a couple of years ago with his volume of Doctor Who essays in Time Unincorporated Vol 1 and I found that so delightful that I moved

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    Another counter factual World War II novel19 February 2012 Sometimes I wonder why people seem to not only like to write stories about World War II but stories about how World War II could have turned out differently To be honest with you, I actually think that World War II turned out in the best possible way, but ev

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    One of the best debut novels in Doctor Who history This is epic, tragic, triumphant, and terrifying It s everything that a war experience SHOULD beand everything that makes Doctor Who such an amazing series The finale a Russian roulette confrontation is staggering

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    Read this after The Also People My love for Roz and Benny being deep enough by that point to sustain me through a story set in WW2 Rob recc d these New Adventures to me probably 3 years ago thanks Rob

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