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The Broken Gun Ninety Years Ago The Toomey Brothers, Along With Twenty Five Other Men And Four Thousand Head Of Cattle, Vanished En Route To Arizona When Writer And Historian Dan Sheridan Is Invited To The Missing Brothers Ranch By Its Current Owner, He Jumps At The Chance The Visit Fits Right In With His Plan To Solve The Century Old Mystery But It Turns Out That His Host Isn T A Fan Of Books, Writers, Or People Who Don T Mind Their Own Business Soon Dan Is Living The Dangers Of The Old West Firsthand Tracked Through The Savage Wilderness By Vicious Killers Straight Out Of The Most Violent Pages Of His Stories However, His Enemies Have Made One Serious Mistake Sheridan Is No Pencil Pushing Greenhorn, And Killing Him Won T Be As Easy As They Think.Our Foremost Storyteller Of The Authentic West, L Amour Has Thrilled A Nation By Chronicling The Adventures Of The Brave Men And Women Who Settled The American Frontier There Are Than 300 Million Copies Of His Books In Print Around The World.

About the Author: Louis L'Amour

Louis L Amour was an American author L Amour s books, primarily Western fiction, remain enormously popular, and most have gone through multiple printings At the time of his death all 101 of his works were in print 86 novels, 14 short story collections and one full length work of nonfiction and he was considered one of the world s most popular writers Wikipedia

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    Oh Louis L amourI used to always make fun of people that read Louis L amour, but now I very proudly admit that I belong to that club They are just fun, pure and simple fun The writing is quick and the stories perfectly western I suppose it s not that surprising that I like Louis L amour, growing up with John Wayne had me prim

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    L Amour dedicated this book to Alan Ladd and Ladd s best friend William Bendix It was published a couple years after they both died, and I really felt while reading this that I could see and hear Alan Ladd as the main character Bendix was a little harder to pinpoint, mostly because I haven t studied him like I have Ladd He actually wo

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    This was my first L Amour novel I ve ever read I know, I m starting to read them a little later in my life I was pleasantly surprised that this was a mystery thriller I m now hooked.

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    I see a well illustrated old west themed cover to a Louis L Amour book, the title The Broken Gun and I plunge into a novel that instantly confuses me It takes a few pages to realize when in time this novel falls There is no mention of it There is a mention of 90 years beforebut, before what By the third page the Korean War is mentioned.Involving stroyt

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    33rd book read in 2016.Number 360 out of 526 on my all time book list Review Pending

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    Sometimes you really need to see the good guys win The action in this book is fast paced, tough, and smart Yes, parts of it are probably beyond belief It was fun anyway.

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    The book that i decided to read is The Broken Gun by Louis L Amour The setting of this book is in the United States during the late 60 s The main characters in this book are the Toomey brothers and Dan Sheridan I found this book because of a friend of mine that said that Louis books are good ones The main conflict in this book is that Dan Sheridan is being chased by killers afte

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    Dan sheridan a western writer, Travels to a town to write a story about a mysterious disappearance of the toomey brothers He starts asking around town to find out information of the toomey brothers People are reluctant to tell him about the toomey brothers He talks about how he found a broken gun with a note stuffed in it It talks about a ranch just out of town Then someone in the bar as

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    This is much different from most of the stories written by Louis L Amour It is based on a modern day adventure, a writer buys a Colt dragon pistol from the 1861 period that is broken from an antique dealer In...

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    What Else is there better to do than read an old favourite over again I have maybe twenty out of my Louis L Amour collection of just about everything he wrote that are my go to stories for all time I also have about fourty others that I ll read just because A great stor...

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