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The Water Cure The Handmaid S Tale Meets The Virgin Suicides In This Dystopic Feminist Revenge Fantasy About Three Sisters On An Isolated Island, Raised To Fear MenKing Has Tenderly Staked Out A Territory For His Wife And Three Daughters He Has Lain The Barbed Wire He Has Anchored The Buoys In The Water He Has Marked Out A Clear Message Do Not Enter Or Viewed From Another Angle Not Safe To Leave Here Women Are Protected From The Chaos And Violence Of Men On The Mainland The Cult Like Rituals And Therapies They Endure Fortify Them From The Spreading Toxicity Of A Degrading WorldBut When Their Father, The Only Man They Ve Ever Seen, Disappears, The Sisters Retreat Further Inward Until The Day Two Men And A Boy Wash Ashore Over The Span Of One Blistering Hot Week, A Psychological Cat And Mouse Game Plays Out Sexual Tensions And Sibling Rivalries Flare As The Sisters Confront The Amorphous Threat The Strangers Represent Can They Survive This Invasion And Will The Male Intruders A Haunting, Riveting Debut About The Capacity For Violence And The Potency Of Female Desire, The Water Cure Both Devastates And Astonishes As It Reflects Our Own World Back At Us

About the Author: Sophie Mackintosh

Sophie Mackintosh was born in South Wales in 1988, and is currently based in London Her fiction, essays and poetry have been published by Granta, The White Review, The New York Times and The Stinging Fly, among others Her short story Grace was the winner of the 2016 White Review Short Story Prize, and her story The Running Ones won the Virago Stylist Short Story competition in 2016.Sophie s debut novel

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    Of course you can slap the label feminist dystopia on a book in order to sell copies, alas, it doesn t make the book a feminist dystopia Mackintosh s writing is languid and evocative, but there is nothing below the surface no one will drown in the depths of this story

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    This book.It is so very difficult to describe this book, which is I think one of the reasons why the blurb is so vague This is the story of three sisters, growing up on an island with their parents where something is obviously not quite right but many things remain vague for the

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    All the monsters in this book are women.

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    We would all still love each other, but what it meant was if there was a burning fire, if two sisters were stuck in the inferno and they were screaming a name, the only right thing would be to pick the one the iron dictated to save It is important to ignore any contrary instinct of your trai

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    I m a bit tired of publicists and or reviewers telling me that a certain book is the 21st century s version of The Handmaid s Tale, and also of the fact that feminist dystopian novels are so hip and hyped at the moment I read quite a few of them, some good, like Red Clocks by Leni Zumas, The Power by Naom

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    Sudden love, when gifted to a habitually unloved person, can induce nausea It can become a thing you would claw and debase yourself for It is necessary to wean yourself onto it, small portions. Sophie Mackintosh s debut novel, The Water Cure, is the story of three sisters living an occult existence

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    Absorbing the guilt and the sorrow is something the world expects of women.Haunting and thought provoking.This story focuses on 3 sisters Grace, Lia and Sky who live with their mother and their father, King, in a very isolated place They are told that they are kept apart from others for their own good.There were ot

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    It takes a gifted author to write a book that is simultaneously beautiful and horrifying I don t think I could have read this book if it wasn t written so exquisitely the words flow and submerse you in their eloquent beauty And yet And yet, the story is disturbing It is not for everyone, but it is well worth reading if you can stom

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    For full review, please visit my blog stars I haven t read such a weird novel since long time I read the reviews and there are lovers and there are people who dislike it a lot I think I can say, it wasn t a pleasant read that blew my mind, but I didn t hate it as well I think I can see some people will feel comfortable with the book than o

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    The Water Cure is the first book I selected to read from the recently released 2018 Booker longlist I chose this one simply as it ended up being the first one I came across in the local bookshop I went into this blind not even aware it was a female dystopia.The writing is initially compelling, told in a sort of dreamy languid prose, the surr

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