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Twisted Twenty-Six Stephanie Plum S Career Has Taken Wrong Turns Than A Student Driver On The Jersey Turnpike, And Her Love Life Is A Hopeless Tangle In Order To Save Someone Dear To Her, She Ll Have To Straighten Things Out In Twisted Twenty Six The Latest, Novel From New York Times Bestselling Author Janet Evanovich Grandma Mazur Is A Widowagain This Time Her Marriage Lasted A Whole Minutes The Unlucky Groom Was One Jimmy Rosolli, Local Gangster, Lothario Senior Division And Heart Attack Waiting To Happenwell, The Waiting S Over It S A Sad Day, But If She Can T Have Jimmy At Least Grandma Can Have All The Attention She Wants As The Dutiful Widow But Some Kinds Of Attention Are Not Welcomed, Particularly When Jimmy S Former Business Partners Are Convinced That His Widow Is Keeping The Keys To Their Financial Success For Herself As Someone Who Has Spent An Entire Career Finding Bad Guys, A Set Of Missing Keys Should Be No Challenge For Stephanie Plum Problem Is, The Facts Are As Twisted As A Boardwalk Pretzel With Mustard

About the Author: Janet Evanovich

Janet Evanovich is the 1 New York Times bestselling author of the Stephanie Plum series, the Lizzy and Diesel series, twelve romance novels, the Alexandra Barnaby novels and Trouble Maker graphic novel, and How I Write Secrets of a Bestselling Author, as well as the Fox and O Hare series with co author Lee Goldberg.

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    I have a conspiracy theory so bear with me I don t know who wrote this book but it wasn t Janet and here s why 1 Stephanie finally admits she s in over her head with men in her life Like she s legit thinking of how messed up the whole thing is.2 She s finally admitting that the bond agent s life is not for her She s sick of being constantly surrounded by shit individuals and of being

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    Stephanie Plum is just pure fun The books are always enjoyable, even if they are a bit formulaic It works, I laugh, so I like them a lot Janet Evanovich knows how to keep them interesting, and even though there are a few repetitive techniques, it s still something I find myself keen to read at the end of the day Today after a disappointing book, I needed a sure thing, and Twisted Twenty Six pr

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    The records show that I read the first book in this series and gave it 2 stars Well, I don t remember a single thing about that book But this one, the latest one, got 5 stars.I thought that as each occurrence s impact lessened, another event came crashing through This meant that there was hardly a case of boredom The pacing was perfectly dosed.As a new fan of this series, it seems a bit rich for me to

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    TWISTED TWENTY SIX by Janet Evanovich is the twenty sixth book in the Stephanie Plum mystery series Grandma Mazur married a local gangster, Jimmy Rosolli Unfortunately, 45 minutes later, he dies of a heart attack Jimmy was the keeper of the keys and his fellow gangsters believe he passed them to Grandma Mazur as he was dying.This series is one of my fun comfort reads I always enjoy spending time with Stephanie,

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    There is no better way to spend a fall afternoon than with the new Stephanie Plum book As always, Steph blows up a car, has mind blowing sex with Joe cozy style, of course and Ranger makes Stephwonder Wonderful and entertaining and laugh out loud funny I split my time between the e book and the audio and the audio was the best I have ever heard.When Stephanie Plum s Grandma Mazur takes a trip to the Atlantis resort in t

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    This book felt a little different than the others Stephanie actually complained about her life and she wanted to do something else, she is tired of her crazy everyday life Will she I doubt it I can t see Janet wrapping up her cash cow.The last book ended with Grandma Mazur getting married down in FL Stephanie flies down to get her and we see that her husband died playing the slots They were married like 36 hours Supposedly he ha

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    Quirky Barely professional Too much silliness to be taken seriously NoMs Plum for me, thank you 3 of 10 stars

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    I was slightly hesitant to read 26 because I wasn t a huge fan of 25, and I was afraid that the magic might be gone but I really enjoyed it I laughed out loud throughout the book and loved that Grandma was a big part of the story The Stephanie Plum series will always be one of my favorites

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    Twisted Twenty Six will please all Stephanie Plum fans I love all the characters Grandma Mazur, Stephanie s parents, Connie, Vinnie, Lula, Morelli, Ranger, Rex, and Bob Stephanie seems to have decided Morelli is the one, but Ranger is still in the picture It was that Ranger emits a sexual pull that is hard to ignore He enters my field of vision and I get a rush If I m at arm s length and close enough to get a hint of his shower gel or feel his body heat,

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    Looking at my previous reviews 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, and 20 you all know where I stand This book seems to focus a biton Grandma, which should be fun as she wasn t in 25 enough for a lot of readers but I really hope Evanovich or her ghost writer moves away from the terribly formulaic mess the most recent books have all been and mixes things up a bit I guess we will find out in November or later as I will be once again be waiting for a library copy Looking at my previ

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