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Mr. Nobody A Psychiatrist Treating A Man With No Memory Discovers That Her Patient Knows Far About Her Past Than His Own In A Gripping Psychological Thriller From The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Something In The Water Who Is Mr Nobody When A Man Is Found On A British Beach, Drifting In And Out Of Consciousness, With No Identification And Unable To Speak, Interest In Him Is Sparked Immediately From The Hospital Staff Who Find Themselves Inexplicably Drawn To Him, To International Medical Experts Who Are Baffled By Him, To The National Press Who Call Him Mr Nobody, Everyone Wants Answers Who Is This Man And What Happened To Him Some Memories Are Best ForgottenNeuropsychiatrist Dr Emma Lewis Is Asked To Assess The Patient In A Small Town Deep In The English Countryside This Is Her Field Of Expertise, This Is The Chance She S Been Waiting For, And This Case Could Make Her Name Known Across The World But Therein Lies The Danger Emma Left This Same Town Fourteen Years Ago And Has Taken Great Pains To Cover All Traces Of Her Past Since Then Places Aren T Haunted People AreBut Now Something Or Someone Is Calling Her Back And The Time She Spends With Her Patient, The Alarmed She Becomes That He Knows The One Thing About Her That Nobody Is Supposed To Know I adored Something In The Water so I leapt into Mr Nobody with huge anticipation and it delivered on every level for me tense and twisted, a cleverly unfolding plot, a hint of spookiness and beautifully written.A man is found on a Norfolk beach He doesn t know who he is or what happened but he knows he has to find her But find who Enter Dr Emma Lewis, a specialist in the fugue field, a dark past haunting her return to her childhood county Can she find the truth This is as twisted as you like and so pacy even as it is considered and compelling As events unfold it is utterly gripping and utterly baffling, a delightfully intelligent mystery that defies expectation many times.The last few chapters are rock and roll as everything comes to a head and the truth is revealed, the setting is immersive and haunting throughout and this is one of those books that sends you down the proverbial rabbit hole Anyone for croquet Excellent I adored it Highly Recommended. I take no pleasure in writing reviews for books I found less than thrilling, but unfortunately Mr Nobody by Catherine Steadman ticked only a few of my boxes Perhaps it is having read too many books in the genre, but I found the pacing to be slow to the point of crippling, and the climax lacked the twists and turns I expected based on the author s previous novel, Something in the Water If you enjoy psychological thrillers that feature amnesia storylines, this might work well for you, and I encourage you to give it a try for yourself The cover is stunning, and I will definitely give the author s next book a tryMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. Emma Lewis is a leader in her field of memory loss and is chosen to work on a case that will challenge her to determine the diagnosis is it retrograde amnesia, fugue or lying It will require her to return to her home town, which she and her family changed their names and left 14 years ago But Emma knows it s a big opportunity for her career because these cases are so rare This perfect offer out of the blue, this opportunity, the chance I ve been waiting for But I d have to go there Why does it have to be there of all the places in the world I ve spent fourteen years of my life trying to get away from that place, what happened there, and now now I find out that the only way forward, the only way out, is back. if I m honest, it scares me My face out there connected and connected and connected until it all leads back to that one night The night when my whole world was shattered and it was easier to just throw the whole thing in the trash than try to fix it.Both main characters have issues with the past Emma hides her past whereas Mr Nobody has no past He was found on a beach and has no memory of who he is or where he came from It s up to Emma to determine whether she can help him to remember But she is having problems of her own His world shrinks to a pinhead and then dilates so wide, suddenly terrifyingly borderless He has no edges any Who is he He has no self He feels the panic roaring inside him, escalating, his heart tripping faster His mind frantically searches for something anything to grab a hold of, his eyes wildly scanning the landscape around him But there is no escape from it, the void He is here and there is no before There are no answers. I ve been so focused on putting those pieces and you back together again that somewhere along the way I came apart at the seams.What a fun ride this was It had all the elements of a great psychological thriller suspense, mystery, twists and turns, hard to put down, kept you guessing, etc I was in the minority with my response to Steadman s previous work Something in the Water It just didn t float my boat LOL I was hesitant to read another book by Steadman but ultimately decided to take the chance and I am so glad I did Mr Nobody grabbed me right from the start and kept me turning the pages as fast as possible The premise was fascinating and the execution did it justice This is a compelling story that you won t be able to put down I thought I had figured some of it out but I was happy to learn I was wrong Mr Nobody is a unique story that you won t feel you ve read before The premise is fascinating and the execution does it justice.Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine Books and NetGalley for an advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review. 2.5 stars, rounded upCatherine Steadman scored big with Something in the Water, although it wasn t a particular favorite of mine But I was still curious to see what she would do with her sopho effort The book opens with a man awakening on the beach, wounded, with only hazy memories Among the missing memories are how he got there and what his name is Dr Emma Lewis is brought in to oversee his case She wants to see if this is truly a fugue state, a case of Retrograde amnesia, the loss of all personal memories.I m not a big fan of books where the main character is privy to information that isn t shared with the reader Here, we quickly learn that something happened in Emma s teen years that caused the family to move away and change their names But we aren t told what It soon becomes apparent that Mr Nobody knows what has happened as well Despite the irritation at the author s little trick of misinformation, the book moves at a fast clip and kept my interest The book is written so that Mr Nobody s sections are written in the third person and Emma s in the first person At times, it feels that she s almost talking to the reader It allows the author to slip in little psychological bits of knowledge, like defining blindsight His sections bring you forward from the time he is discovered, hers don t start until after he s been in care for six days and she s brought in to consult So, there is initially a back and forth jostling in the time There are other characters which also kept my interest In fact, my favorite part of the book was the drama between Chris and Zara and I wish their story had played a bigger part overall So, I was all happy with this book until about 80% in when it completely falls apart The ending was so nonsensical that all my earlier happiness with this book just disappeared Seriously, I would have graded the first part of the book 4 stars and the ending at 1 My thanks t netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book.

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