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I was so excited to be given a widget for this book that I stopped everything and read it immediately I have not one regret This is a tight thriller set at an exclusive boarding school but it is definitely not just for YA Bursting with secrets, hazing, sexual surprises, murder and some really creepy stairs this one was really tough to set down and I lost most of yesterday to this juicy read Thank you to J.T Ellison, HARLEQUIN MIRA U.S and Canada , and NetGalley for giving me this widget ARC in exchange for an honest review. I received a free e copy of Good Girls by J.T Ellison from NetGalley for my honest review.This book takes place at an elite all girls boarding school The girls that are accepted her are demanded excellence Ash, a new girl, arrives and she along with other girls have lots of secrets A murder, rituals and secret societies entangle this story Although there are plot twists, I struggled connecting with the characters and found certain aspects of the book to be very unbelievable I think the story had a good premise, I just felt as though it was lacking in certain areas. Special thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for a free, electronic ARC of this novel received in exchange for an honest reviewThe Goode School is an elite, private school for girls settled amongst the scenic hills of Virginia A school known for its elite students, on the fast track to Ivy League schools of their choice, where the only rules are those in the school s Honour Code, created to ensure responsibility, honesty and dignity amongst staff, students and faculty So, when a young girl is found hanging from the front gates, the school is quickly turned upside down Fingers are pointed at everyone, and after a rash of recent deaths at the school, no one is blameless Rumours fly, and lies abound, but what really happened J.T Ellison is known for novels such as Lie to Me and Tear Me Apart, among many others My only other experience with Ms Ellison was with Lie to Me , so although I am not going into this review completely knowledgeable of all of Ellison s novels, the two I have read are merely middle of the road novels, with enough entertainment and suspense to keep a reader intrigued, but not enough twisting and turning to really satisfy When a group of rich girls are secluded in one place, you know something bad is going to happen Money, power, secrets mixed with self confidence and hormones It s a no brainer From the beginning of this novel, there are hints and teasers as to what you expect would be an epic twist Although the twist is there, it is not what we are expecting and I found it to be disappointing The story is well told, and the characters are all beautiful and perfect, rich and brilliant, the type of girls that are easy to hateand in this case, to blameThere are questions throughout the novel, and the ending does provide some satisfying just desserts, but the wow factor you expect from the twist does not deliver Overall, I enjoyed reading Ellison s novels, as they generally have a consistent style and flow, which makes for an easy read Fans of Ellison will definitely enjoy her new novel, as her creativity and talent shines through Good Girls Lie has all of the teenage angst you would expect from a private all female schoolmy worst nightmare, to be quite honest , with a little bit of murder and deception thrown in. I love thrillers I can t get enough of them But, they actually have to be GOOD Lately, I ve seen quite a few thrillers that have become fillers In other words, a whole bunch of random extra info or too much extra unnecessary details that are added to the plot Unfortunately, I have struggled with J.T Ellison s books before with having the same issue as I did with this book It s extremely way too long There was a lot of interior dialogue going on and too much telling and not showing behind the mystery here I loved the atmosphere of this one taking place at an elite boarding school What can you ask for Girls that murder Sign me up I want to love J.T Ellison s books but they end up just becoming fillers and wayyy too long There isn t enough spice in the plot and didn t quite deliver the way I wanted it too If you re a fan of her work then I think you ll love this one 3 stars Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harlequin Mira for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Publication date 12 30 19Published to GR 10 7 19 Goode Girls Don T Lie Perched Atop A Hill In The Tiny Town Of Marchburg, Virginia, The Goode School Is A Prestigious Prep School Known As A Silent Ivy The Boarding School Of Choice For Daughters Of The Rich And Influential, It Accepts Only The Best And The Brightest Its Elite Status, Long Held Traditions And Honor Code Are Ideal For Preparing Exceptional Young Women For Brilliant Futures At Ivy League Universities And Beyond But A Stranger Has Come To Goode, And This Ivy Has Turned PoisonousIn A World Where Appearances Are Everything, As Long As Students Pretend To Follow The Rules, No One Questions The Cruelties Of The Secret Societies Or The Dubious Behavior Of The Privileged Young Women Who Expect To Get Away With Murder But When A Popular Student Is Found Dead, The Truth Cannot Be Ignored Rumors Suggest She Was Struggling With A Secret That Drove Her To SuicideBut Look Closely Because There Are Truths And There Are Lies, And Then There Is Everything That Really Happened JT Ellison S Pulse Pounding New Novel Examines The Tenuous Bonds Of Friendship, The Power Of Lies And The Desperate Lengths People Will Go To To Protect Their Secrets It has been said that, the truth shall set you free however, for Ash, telling the truth can be down right deadly Just how far will she go to keep her secrets and her past buried There are truths, and there are lies, and then there is everything that really happened, which is where you and I will meet Let s face it, everyone lies Even good girls, but especially Goode girls Goode s honor code be damned when it comes to Ash and her future Such a wicked web of lies that is spun by Ellison throughout this read Good Girls Lie, is made with all the ingredients necessary for a tempting, tangy yet tasty, tantalizing thriller It s made with love using a dash of mayhem, a cup of Ellison s version of Mean Girls , and of course it wouldn t be complete without several slices and dices of murder only to be topped off with a British bad girl as the cherry on top 5 stars My thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This story just went on, and needlessly on Eighty nine chapters The writing is decent there were many great and even clever lines After a while, there were too many great and clever lines There was also way too much interior monologue telling and not showing , and everyone and everything is shrouded in mystery There was also the occasional misuse of descriptive words for example she was a musical progeny Obviously, the author meant she was a musical prodigy Thomas Wolfe had serious issues with over writing and I was feeling a sense of deja vu with this novel as well This book needed serious editing Now HERE is a novel that should have been turned into a serial Good Girls Lie was certainly not my cup of tea. Good Girls Lie is my second book by J T Ellison and I am once again fully satisfied with this sinister mystery thriller read This was a quick read for me and I was glued to its pages from the start I enjoyed the alternating points of view and the clever way the author created the tension throughout the book This book had all the right ingredients for a boarding school mystery secret societies, hazing, murder, teenage girl s cattiness, and eerie descriptions of an old school s grounds and buildings The plot was never dull and there were plenty of twists to make me questions everyone s motive I am looking forward to reading books from this author soon.Thank you NetGalley, Harlequin Mira publisher and the author for providing me with an ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. Goode girls don t lie .or do they A code of honor, secret societies, and murder The Goode School is a prestigious all girls school where the girls gain early acceptance to the ivy schools of their choice This boarding school in Marchburg, Virginia accepts only the brightest and richest girls daughters of politicians, prominent businessmen women, and elite members of society Rules are expected to be followed, there is an honor and conduct code that must be abided by Sure, the secret societies and their hazing i.e tagging activities are overlooked They are time honored traditions after all.Then one day a student is found dead Was her death a suicide Was she murdered Soon suspicions are voiced and students, police and the dean begin to have doubts about one student Are their doubts correct Who is to blame The setting was wonderful An all girls school in the hills without much around, secret societies This sounds like the making of a very book even movie but there was just something a little lacking in this for me I wanted just a little bit oomph to this I wish there would have been mystery as to who the culprit was The reveal was not shocking to me Plus, I was really hoping that a secret relationship would come out This is a book that I feel would make a great plane book It s entertaining, a great way to pass time, but will I remember it months from now Probably just vaguely I will say that I found the epilogue to be excellent Very clever I thought the epilogue was the best part of the book.The writing was good, and the plot moved at a good pace Many are enjoying this book than I did so I encourage my fellow readers to check out those reviews as well.Thank you to Harlequin Mira and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions are my own. 4.5 rounded up to 5Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Long books usually intimidate me This one didn t Primarily because of the author s provocative prologue and opening chapters She had me, hook, line and sinker.I liked Ash, mostly, but every other student Detestable, and that s putting it lightly But that s what was so great about this novel Ellison took what we know about private boarding schools, bullies and spoiled rich kids and made this story just shine.There were a few twists and turns that you couldn t possibly see coming, so anything you think may be true could just as easily be false And I savor that kind of writing.And it is great writing, to be sure I nicked half a star because I had to look up so many words It seemed to me she used million dollar words far too often And, I ll admit, it was longer than I would have liked, but the extra scenes added to the story.I enjoyed the epilogue You may not, but I found it fitting. Good Girls Lie

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