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8 16 The release date was announced so I m moving this to my to read shelf because I know I ll be reading it the day it comes out hopefully I m SUPER excited for this book 5 31 THE COVER IS HERE AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL Dear Brandon,Can you please release this book as quickly as possible I need to know what happens to Spensa and her friends Sincerely,A Fan sigh I want my own cytonic hyperdrive so I can teleport to 2019 to read this book Yes I know that s not how it works I love this cover sooooo much update COVER COVER COVER COVER COVER I M GOING TO PASS THE FUCK OUT this could be written entirely from the perspective of a cave slug and still be the best book of 2019 All Her Life, Spensa Has Dreamed Of Becoming A Pilot Of Proving She S A Hero Like Her Father She Made It To The Sky, But The Truths She Learned About Her Father Were Crushing.Spensa Is Sure There S To The Story And She S Sure That Whatever Happened To Her Father In His Starship Could Happen To Her When She Made It Outside The Protective Shell Of Her Planet, She Heard The Stars And It Was Terrifying Everything Spensa Has Been Taught About Her World Is A Lie But Spensa Also Discovered A Few Other Things About Herself And She Ll Travel To The End Of The Galaxy To Save Humankind If She Needs To. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with an ARC via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.Skyward 1 2Starsight Book Three Book FourA hero does not choose her trails Amazing, non stop exciting, massive expansion of this fascinating universe Full review to come closer to the publication date. What the prologue needs to be what happened to DoomslugAlso some people might hate me for this but Spinface, anyone Listen, that synopsis is crazy vague and is 70% Skyward recap, and after blitzing through the ARC in two days I can tell you that s really the best they can do.I cannot tell you anything about the plot of this book, because it takes a hard left within the first 100 pages and from there, I hope you all get to experience all of the revelations and the delightful feeling of things coming together the same way I did What I can say is I love everyone in this book, new characters and old, but especially my Space Daughter Spensa, who has at least moved beyond her days of literally eating rats and is slightly less garbage now She s still got a lot of room to grow, but that s why I love her The themes are really good, guys I can t tell you what they are, but I like them a lot If you re familiar with Brandon s body of work, you ll recognize some through line ideology here There is SO MUCH worldbuilding galaxybuilding in this book, and I ate it all up with a spoon because that is what I am ABOUT Including some neat aliens and btw, if anyone else listened to that Writing Excuses episode about worldbuilding gender roles and got worried about alien gender, don t be the idea discussed on the podcast has been refined and made way alien less parallel to human genders and reproduction, and I actually quite liked it.I think that s about as specific as I can be, because the process of discovering and figuring things out in this book was so much fun for me that I really want everyone else to get to enjoy it the same way One last, general note as much as I love the Stormlight core Cosmere books, I do think that Sanderson s shorter, faster paced works are often better, whether in terms of sheer enjoyment this series, the Wax and Wayne books, the Reckoners or craft The Emperor s Soul It s nice to read something from him every now and again that isn t weighed down by a massive, complicated plot, and just feels like a storyteller giving himself a chance to play. One thing we tend to expect in YA is the presence of romance There s no real sign of it in Skyward, though Was this your intention from the start, or did the characters just not work out that way It was the characters In my first draft, I tried to shoehorn a romance in I like romance you ll find them in my adult books But here, it didn t fit the characters or the theme, and it felt inappropriate This is a very traumatic time for Spensa, who s focused in every way on becoming a pilot and finding out the secrets of her past, and romance just didn t work So I revised in the direction the characters demanded.The obvious pairing was Spensa and Jerkface That s where I was trying to go, but it felt like a cheesy romance in the middle of an action adventure story about finding out who you really are, and about going into battle, and all of that stress and pressure Maybe someday I ll release the deleted scenes and people can see how poorly it worked.Yeah Ok I get that for the first book But it will happen eventually right Pleeeease I need this book right now. THE COOOOOOOVEEEEEEERRRRR I WANT THIS BOOK SO BADLY Starsight (Skyward, #2)

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