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The Turn of the Key A nanny in jail accused of murdering one of the children in her care This is her story When Rowan, a young nanny who lives in London, comes across for an ad seeking a nanny to live in a remote area of Scotland, it sounds too good to be true The pay is high, the house is beautiful, and the family seems lovely She is warned that previous nannies have quit due to the house being haunted Rowan doesn t believe in ghosts, so she pays no heed to the warning She is hired for the position and packs up her life in London and moves to remote Scotland But what is beautiful on the surface is hiding deep dark secrets.One of my favorite things about The Turn of the Key is the house which is named Heatherbrae Equipped with state of the art technology the whole house runs off an app , it takes on a life of its own Juxtaposed with Victorian architecture and Gothic feel, Heatherbrae adds another layer to The Turn of the Key.The Turn of the Keyis told only through Rowan s eyes, as she shares what led to her arrest through a series of letters to a solicitor Rowan is an unreliable narrator and the reader must contend with a lot of telling While this type of narrative style usually irks me, I found that it works in this case as Rowan provides a detailed account of her time at Heatherbrae One just needs to continue to question whether or not her version of events is accurate.There are some twists as well some red herrings thrown in A child is dead and a nanny is in prison while her trial is pending This novel consists of a letter she is writing to a lawyer explaining her innocence of the murder and how she wound up incarcerated The thing is she is not entirely blameless One thing is certain if it sounds to good to be This is my third book by the author so by this point I know she s great at creating an atmosphere, a creepy ambiance.New nanny working for a family living remote house in Scotland Past nannies leaving after the house seems haunted Secrets you get it.It was interesting, even a bit unique since the main character wasn t likeable the ending was a bit lukewarm though.If you re looking for a quick read for the fall and have liked her other books I have read and enjoyed all of Ruth Ware s books, therefore I was incredibly excited to be fortunate enough to receive an early review copy of The Turn of the Key Being a fan of the author, it is very hard to write a review about a book that just didn t WOW me This was a good but I wouldn t say great read I have recently read several books where we know what happens, what the big tell is at the beginning of the novel We then work through the past events and how we got to this ending This style just doesn t work for me, I like to feel a lot of tension and excitement in mysteries thrillers and I just don t experience that when I know the ending, it takes that part of the surprise and tension away This may just be me, there are many 5 star reviews for this book First off, this is definitely a slow burn type of mystery, in fact I think I was at 75% on my kindle before I was turning pages quickly There is an element of ghosts or the supernatural which helps to move the story along and kept my interest From the blurb you know that there is a creepy, smart house and I felt as though that would be a large part of the excitement in the book, unfortunately after much is explained about how the controls are all used, etc., the house doesn t really play that large of a part in the story The idea and descriptions of the smart house reminded me of a few other books written about the smart house which takes over , does horrible things, etc I really thought The new nanny, Rowan Caine, has her hands full at Heatherbrae House This was my fourth novel by the author and I had to see how this one would compare.I ve read several nanny stories and find myself drawn to the whole idea of having someone live in your home and act as a child minder Rowan gets this dream nanny job and finds out that the last several nannies didn t work out.The house was probably my favorite aspect of the story It was renovated to be a smart home and the owners could spy on all the goings on, turn lights on off and even ask it to launch an audio book for the children I kept thinking Alexa controls the day no thank you Really creepy vibes for sure.The build up was quite slow and I wanted showing than telling and some better developed characters There is a twist and lots of nanny tips , but it really didn t surprise me much at all The ending wa 3.5 stars rounded up to a 4While looking for something else, she comes across an ad for a live in Nanny post in the Scottish Highlands The salary, the location, all seem too good to be true, but she decides to take a chance and apply for the position When Rowan Caine begins her job, she had no idea that things would go so horribly wrong or that a child would die, and she would be in prison awaiting trial for murder.This book is her letter to a potential lawyer She is writing to him explaining the events which lead up to the child s death The strange occurrences at the home, the noises, the malfunctioning smart system, the length of time she was left alone with the children, etc.There are some twists and turns and of course, I had several theories What were those noises, is the house haunted, why have so many Nanny s quickly quit this position in the past, is she losing her mind, etc What is real and what isn t Is she telling the truth Is she truly innocent A child is dead, if she didn t kill her, then how did she die I have to say that I did not see many of the twists and turns coming PDF The Turn Of The Key By Ruth Ware Jackkellyfilm.co.uk From The 1New York Times Bestselling Author Of In A Dark, Dark Wood, The Woman In Cabin 10, The Lying Game, And The Death Of Mrs Westaway Comes Ruth Ware S Highly Anticipated Fifth Novel.When She Stumbles Across The Ad, She S Looking For Something Else Completely But It Seems Like Too Good An Opportunity To Miss A Live In Nannying Post, With A Staggeringly Generous Salary And When Rowan Caine Arrives At Heatherbrae House, She Is Smitten By The Luxurious Smart Home Fitted Out With All Modern Conveniences, By The Beautiful Scottish Highlands, And By This Picture Perfect Family.What She Doesn T Know Is That She S Stepping Into A Nightmare One That Will End With A Child Dead And Herself In Prison Awaiting Trial For Murder.Writing To Her Lawyer From Prison, She Struggles To Explain The Unravelling Events That Led To Her Incarceration It Wasn T Just The Constant Surveillance From The Cameras Installed Around The House, Or The Malfunctioning Technology That Woke The Household With Booming Music, Or Turned The Lights Off At The Worst Possible Time It Wasn T Just The Girls, Who Turned Out To Be A Far Cry From The Immaculately Behaved Model Children She Met At Her Interview It Wasn T Even The Way She Was Left Alone For Weeks At A Time, With No Adults Around Apart From The Enigmatic Handyman, Jack Grant.It Was Everything.She Knows She S Made Mistakes She Admits That She Lied To Obtain The Post, And That Her Behavior Toward The Children Wasn T Always Ideal She S Not Innocent, By Any Means But, She Maintains, She S Not Guilty At Least Not Of Murder Which Means Someone Else Is.Full Of Spellbinding Menace And Told In Ruth Ware S Signature Suspenseful Style, The Turn Of The Key Is An Unputdownable Thriller From The Agatha Christie Of Our Time. I absolutely loved it THE TURN OF THE KEY is creepy, twisted, and disturbing, and totally absorbing a modern day The Turn of the Screw, but far entertaining.Rowan Caine s new dream job as nanny for the seemingly perfect Elincourt family quickly turned into her worst nightmare Their remote home in the Scottish Highlands called Heatherbrae House was an unusual hybrid of modern smart design and spooky Gothic Victorian Inside its walls, cameras were watching, machines were listening for your next command, and Rowan was isolated with four young girls and whatever was causing the disturbances at night I enjoyed that this book was written in epistolary format, as desperate letters written by Rowan to a lawyer as she s in prison awaiting trial for murder The build up of suspense was fantastic, and the ominous atmosphere of Heatherbrae House kept me on edge Had I been in Rowan s situation, I would have been scared witless THE TU This is my first Ruth Ware book and I plan to read because of the good things I ve read about her books The Turn of the Key takes place in an old home, Heatherbrae House, that has been restored faithfully in parts of it while other parts have been gutted and transformed into the most modern of homes The entire home has smart home features which seem to have been set to an overly intrusive level Not only that, the features don t always work as intended or don t work at all, making the home seem like it s gone rogue All this in a very remote setting in the Scottish Highlands Rowan Caine stumbles on an ad to hire a nanny for the four children that live in Heatherbrae House The salary for the live in, full time position, is unbelievably generous and Rowan is than ready to leave her job at a daycare center Feeling the need to make sure she gets the job, Rowan s resume is less than truthful although she does have the basic requirements for the job Once Rowan sees the house in person, she is determined to be sure she is the perfect fit for the family and the position She gets the job and has to begin within a short time, arriving at the house the day before the parents leave for a week or two of work away from home From the beginning of the boo 4.5 starsOut of the four Ruth Ware novels I have read still need to get to The Lying Game , this one is my favorite While I liked her other books, either my interest would wane a bit and or I had an idea or two about the ending With this book, my eyes were practically glued to the pages because I really had no clue where the author was going to go with the story This was a fun read for me which is all I really wanted when I picked up the book.A nanny is in prison awaiting trial for murder She knows she has made mistakes but she did not kill that child She is concerned her current lawyer doesn t believe her so she begins writing letters to another attorney, Mr Wrexham, with the hope he will see she is innocent of the crime She explains how she got the job as nanny to the family living in Heatherbrae House, and how everything went so horribly wrong If she tells the truth, the whole truth, will Mr Wrexham believe her Will anyone From the get go you know someone has been murdered and over the course of the story it is slowly revealed everything that led up to it The house is basically a character itself and really contributes quite nicely to this creepy, horror style vibe I loved how the technology features of the home actually made me tense and allowed me to really feel like I was in the main character s shoes This was one of those rare times I didn t even have a decent theory float

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