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Perfume An Acclaimed Bestseller And International Sensation, Patrick Suskind S Classic Novel Provokes A Terrifying Examination Of What Happens When One Man S Indulgence In His Greatest Passion His Sense Of Smell Leads To Murder.In The Slums Of Eighteenth Century France, The Infant Jean Baptiste Grenouille Is Born With One Sublime Gift An Absolute Sense Of Smell As A Boy, He Lives To Decipher The Odors Of Paris, And Apprentices Himself To A Prominent Perfumer Who Teaches Him The Ancient Art Of Mixing Precious Oils And Herbs But Grenouille S Genius Is Such That He Is Not Satisfied To Stop There, And He Becomes Obsessed With Capturing The Smells Of Objects Such As Brass Doorknobs And Fresh Cut Wood Then One Day He Catches A Hint Of A Scent That Will Drive Him On An Ever Terrifying Quest To Create The Ultimate Perfume The Scent Of A Beautiful Young Virgin Told With Dazzling Narrative Brillance, Perfume Is A Hauntingly Powerful Tale Of Murder And Sensual Depravity.Translated From The German By John E Woods.

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    I was predisposed to love this book no matter what I love perfumes The fact that this book had blood and murder was just a bonus.For me, perfumes and scents are a visceral thing I love perfume I have never been a visual person, my memories are composed of layers of scent.I remember as a child, growing up in Vietnam, visiting my elderly neighbor s house and having him give me a

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Because sometimes you just have to read about an 17th century perfumer who may or may not be the Anti Christ and goes on a killing spree, before starting aa giant omnisexual fuckfest and bein...

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    I had a heck of a time thinking who I d recommend this to It won a Fantasy award, yet I can t call it Fantasy It s set in a bygone period, but it doesn t play with history, so it s not Historical Fiction It s about a murder, yet it s not terrifying like Horror, nor is it a mystery It s just the story of a peculiar boy who became a dangerous and most interesting man He was born without an odor

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    This book was different and brilliant The story of an orphaned boy born without a scent, but with an incredibly refined sense of smell, the book drags a bit in parts, but the ends justify the means, inways than one.All things considered, the book is a valentine to the beauty, elegance, and power of smell A truly underrated sense, Suskind reminds the reader of just how powerful an effect our sense

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    There are some books which can be called unique They may be good, bad or indifferent but their authors strike out from the trodden paths of narrative themes and structure to explore totally new vistas, so that the product becomes unique Perfume by Patrick Suskind is such a book.Jean Baptiste Grenouille is an abominable and gifted personage, in an era which was not lacking in abominable and gifted perso

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    I want my last 2 weeks back I dove into this book expecting a hell of a lotthan I dragged out of it From the very beginning I did not like the author s writing style and should have known then that this book just wouldn t be for me.This book is set in the mid 1700 s France and centers around a horrid man who has no redeeming qualities other than the fact that he has likely the most perfect sense of smell in

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    I d like to make something very clear with my review of this book I normally don t go overboard with the whole the movie vs the book argument because I m not interested in making people s decisions for them, even though I m strongly opinionated about the subject But this is a case where I have to speak out S skind has created here a work of literary art in prose, and I take that seriously I admire lots of books

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    Perfume The Story Of A Murderer is simply one of the greatest horror novels ever written Taking place in 18th century, France, it begins with an infant born with one difference from the rest of the world Jean Baptiste Grenouille is born with the ability to smell anything and everything in the world around him Although not a novel of the supernatural as commonly defined, in a sense, it is, because his ability can only

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