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3 filles et des torrents de larmes C Est Connu, Les Filles Pleurent Le Moindre Probl Me Avec Leur Petit Copain, Leurs Deux Meilleures Amies Ou La Maison Et Les Filles Peuvent Verser Des Torrents De Larmes Alors Depuis Que Nadine Veut Trouver Un Petit Ami Par Internet, Que Le Hamster De Magda Est Mort Et Que Russell Me Pique Mes Id Es De Dessin, Rien Ne Va Plus Toutes Vos Mouchoirs Tu Vas Tout Savoir Sur Ellie, Magda Et Nadine, Mais Sur Toi Entre Les Chapitres, Des Tests Et Des Petits Conseils Te Permettront D Valuer Ton Motivit Et D Apprendre G Rer Tes Motions.

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    Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.What an utter load of tripe Adheres to all the stereotypes of teenaged girls without saying anything about it Fucking fuck Full review to follow.Blog Instagram Twitter P

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    I loved this book It really explained how Teenage girls feel And all their problems I think its a really good way to explain to young girls that good looking and having a boy friend isn t everything I also like how Jacqueline Wilson put down the feelings of Isabelle and ho...

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    This was probably the weakest out of the four books, just because it felt like the title and format of Girls Cry When was leading the story too much And, as good as it is to portray teenagers being happy in relationship...

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    Review Preface I m the MOM who got suspicious when the 11 year old started hiding this book.Here s Mom s review This is trash, it has ZERO literary value It bundles an amazing number of WORSTS for middle school and high school girls into a very small book written in 5th grade language This book

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    actually 0 stars for the ending i hated it so very much russell is sex crazed, disgusting, jealous and rude and she s still thinking about getting back together with him what kind of message is that ugh i certainly don t rememb...

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    When I was younger, I read all of Jacqueline s books and all books of this series were my favorite ones As I got older though, I didn t appreciate her books as much but I still love the creativity and thought behind each one of them and I will remember them as a big part of my childhood Because the language is pret

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    Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all grea

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    It s a difficult book to enjoy, personally.

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    I loved the original Girls trilogy and read them over and over This fourth installment came out a couple of years later and I don t remember ever reading it I think I d moved on by then But as I ve been re reading the Girls books, I have included this one I m not sure if it s ennui at reading them one after the other not to mention being way ou

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    Don t like it at all.Malas sekali baca kisah tiga sahabat yang kali ini terlalu dibumbui dengan percintaan dan drama itu ___ Mengerikan lihat dunia ini, ketika anak usia 13 tahun udah pacaran dengan gaya kayak gitu Iya, saya tau ini di UK, tapi tetap saja serem bacanya Cium ciuman, peluk pelukan, dan yg lain lain untung ga sampe ke situ, cuma tetep aja n

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