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The 24-Hour Wine Expert From The World S Most Respected Wine Critic, The Essential Guide To Wine In 100 PagesWine Is Now One Of The Most Popular Drinks In The World Many Wine Drinkers Wish They Knew About It Without Having To Understand Every Detail Or Go On A Wine Course.In The 24 Hour Wine Expert, Jancis Robinson Shares Her Expertise With Authority, Wit And Approachability From The Difference Between Red And White, To The Shape Of Bottles And Their Labels, Descriptions Of Taste, Colour And Smell, To Pairing Wine With Food And The Price Quality Correlation, Robinson Helps Us Make The Most Of This Mysteriously Delicious Drink.Jancis Robinson Has Been Called The Most Respected Wine Critic And Journalist In The World ByDecantermagazine In 1984 She Was The First Person Outside The Wine Trade To Qualify As A Master Of Wine The Financial Times Wine Writer, She Is The Author Editor Of Dozens Of Wine Books, Including Wine GrapesAllen Lane , The Oxford Companion To Wine OUP And The World Atlas Of Wine Mitchell Beazley Her Award Winning Website, Www.JancisRobinson.com Has Subscribers In 100 Countries. Fun and easy read Compact with than the basics If you love wine and you want to learn a little about this sophisticated drink, Jancis has made it possible The book is inexpensive and pocket size Buy it, read it and try all the suggested taste test You won t be disappointed I promise I even bought a set o In October of 2017, I was approached by one of the country s top wineries and presented with free tuition for the WSET Level 1 Award Even though I still had months to go and knew practically everything relevant to this level I took it upon myself to educate myself in every way possible Among the very first books I bought was Jancis Robinson s The 24 Hour Wine Expert The book promises to give you a 360 degree knowledge of wine And, happily, the book delivers on its promise The first promise it makes and delivers is how quickly you can read this book If you have a lazy day to spare on your calendar, then by all means make a cup of coffee not wine just yet and start reading It s a 100 ish page book written with wit and authority, yet reads smoothly and easily I finish my first read through in one weekend However, from January 14 to February 24, I went through this book 3 times The other 3 times were leisurely, as I got a pen and some sticky notes and starting taking quotes, notes, and exercise tips from this little gold mine.While the title is a stretch because 24 hours will never make you an expert on anything, really but the book does tackle everyt Exactly what the title says well, I wouldn t say you would be an expert, but you could certainly be able to pick out an appropriate wine, and maybe let down your hair and try a few you wouldn t normally buy. Hi Jancis, can I call you Jancis I m writing in regards to your 24 hour Wine Expert book It was a delightful read throughout, but I have a few concerns I d like to address with you my friend Ryan he s a wine specialist, although I m not sure if of the 24 hour variety said I could write to you.First, I think the title is confusing will I become a wine expert only if I read the book within 24 hours I m concerned about my liver if that s the case or maybe following your tasting exercises will elevate one s mental state to that of an expert Perhaps it is that I ll become one 24h after finishing it Sort of like a next day delivery mechanism Please clarify.Second, I m not totally sure what to do when you present conflicting pieces of information For example when you talk about taste descriptors, you start by saying that a beginner s vocabulary is best kept unspoiled, and that whatever words come to their minds are the correct ones which you immediately follow with a list of a hundred industry standard terms to describe the taste of wine Does that mean that to become a wine expert one must sa

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