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Trek 1955, Kenya A Group Of Four Acquaintances Set Out To Drive From Nairobi To London, Via The Sahara Desert, In A 8 Horse Power Morris Traveller Under The Leadership Of Alan Cooper, A Down On His Luck Farmer, The Group Was Made Up Of A Worldly Field Biologist Who Recorded The Whole Trip On Her 8mm Cine Camera, A Genteel Schoolmistress Of Uncertain Age In Search Of Romance, And A 17 Year Old Boy Whose Mother Had Insisted That The Trip Would Make A Man Of Him What United Them Was A Desire For Adventure.As They Set Off Through Equatorial Africa The Omens Seemed Against Them The Mau Mau Uprising Against British Rule In Kenya Was At It S Height And The Days Of Colonial Rule Were Ending Their Journey Was To Take Them Through An Africa That Very Soon Would Cease To Exist But It Was The Desert That Turned Their Joyride Into A Nightmare What Began As An Adventure Ended As A Desperate Fight For Life In The Blazing Sands Of The Sahara Trek Brings This Story To Dramatic Life And Is A Classic Account Of Survival Against The Odds.

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    We stayed at Mrs Simpson s guesthouse in Kenya a few months before she died, and I started to read her copy of this book whilst I was there She was one of the four who went out on the ill fated trek Alas, the sun and surf beckoned me away, and I never finished it I consoled myself with the idea that I would buy my own copy whe

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    It s a page turner and it kept me interested, but for some reason I can t give it a higher rating Maybe because the author and survivors place blame on those who can t defend themselves Alan and Freda I m not sure The writing style is very interesting

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    This book was loaned to me by a friend who, like me, grew up in Africa and went to school in Kenya I can t resist a good survival story and this one really sucked me in after a rather slow start Four people who were total strangers take off on a drive from Kenya to England in 1955 Two ladies, a middle aged man to lead the expedition, and a 17 yea

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    Linda, who wrote a review below and one of my schoolmates when we were in high school in Kenya, suggested I might like this book I found a copy through The story starts out in Kenya It tells of four people who did not know each other before starting out on this road adventure They took a very small car a Morris Traveller through some of Africa

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    Eccentric people set off from Kenya to England in Morris Minor In the way is the Sahara Desert Completely unprepared for one of the most extreme places on earth What could go wrong I found this very well written with the lead ...

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    The sick puppy inside of me loves an adventure gone wrong book, and Trek is exactly that This is a harrowing survival story that contains a truckload of lessons on What Not to Do When You Attempt To Cross the Sahara Don t be an arrogant ass is lesson number one.

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    I staid at Barbara Simpson s guest house in 1998 if I knew about this book then I forgot about it Until my sister also a guest house alum reminded me of it recently A very gripping read telling of the times and adventurous.

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    Incredible story of one man s arrogance and irresponsibility and how this impacted on his fellow travellers Also a great story of survival against almost impossible odds If no one else makes a movie of this, I will

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    I had the honor of reading this amazing story while staying at Mrs Simpson s guest house in Malindi, Kenya.

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    An unbelievable story Absolutely harrowing I can not believe this hasn t been made into a movie You have to read it if you can get your hands on a copy.

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