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Holacracy Holacracy Is A Revolutionary Management System That Redefines Management And Turns Everyone Into A Leader.Holacracy Distributes Authority And Decision Making Throughout An Organization, And Defines People Not By Hierarchy And Titles, But By Roles Holacracy Creates Organizations That Are Fast, Agile, And That Succeed By Pursuing Their Purpose, Not Following A Dated And Artificial Plan.This Isn T Anarchy It S Quite The Opposite When You Start To Follow Holacracy, You Learn To Create New Structures And Ways Of Making Decisions That Empower The People Who Know The Most About The Work You Do Your Frontline Colleagues.Some Of The Many Champions Of Holacracy Include Tony Hsieh, CEO Of Zappos.com Author Of The 1 New York Times Bestseller Delivering Happiness , Evan Williams Co Founder Of Blogger, Twitter, And Medium , And David Allen.

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    Holacracy is a system for structuring a business through peer to peer self organization and distributed control, in which we all get to be adults together okay, so 1 Holacracy doesn t stand up under Marxian analysis Power is not actually being distributed when workers are still selling their labor and the value of their efforts is taken as profit by the business owner.2 Holacr

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    A process heavy straightjacket for organizations that can t figure out how to delegate the rules of communication.

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    Holacracy is a governance system and a registered trademark owned by HolacracyOne The word Holacracy is very easy to confuse with holocracy with an o , which means universal democracy Robertson s aim with the system is to harness the tremendous sensing power of the human consciousness available to our organizations p 7 This harnessing is done by a set of core rules p 12 The Hola

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    Before I start I don t think I m able to properly review this book with reviewing the concept of Holocracy itself It s technically possible, but it doesn t make IMHO much sense.The overall concept of Holocracy to replace inefficient troublesome mgmt hierarchies with system of nested circles governed by process itself sounds very crazy, but actually the city metaphore made me give

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    It is well written and persuasive It is also a dangerous management system that can undermine a company, as it did with mine when we tried to implement it It nearly brought us down My takeaway is that there is no system that can replace solid leadership If you re the CEO, you need to own it and get to work It s super tempting to abdicate responsibility but it is simply the wrong p

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    The concept is interesting, the presentation of the concept of Holacracy is detailed, but unfortunately not exciting enough I was dragging myself through the chapters It is clearly an important experiment and step towards new ways of working together as opposed to working for and under over, etc I need to experience Holacracy for giving it a fair review On paper it appears to be a

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    A great example of how self managing organizations can work successfully As a person interested in particular in practical implementations, over theoretical possibilities, I found the book a great combination of both Even if Holacracy does not fit your organizati...

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    First part had great thoughts and a nice vibe But the second part was mainly about organizing meetings, which I consider a separate subject The third part felt like a desperate attempt to make anyone atleast try holocracy.Read the first part and pick the good stuff.

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    I read this book because it was discussed in Reinventing Organizations as a complete system for running things under self organising principles Unlike Reinventing Organizations, this book is not intended to be an inspirational guide, at least I don t think so Instead, it is meant to present the management system that is Holocracy, walk us through its elements, its processes, its syste

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    Many good ideas, but for my taste too extreme and too process heavy I like the idea of circles and roles and how autonomy and accountability is shifted I also appreciate the separation of meta level from the operations What I have a hard time with is imagining adults liking being put into a strict process straightjacket I just don t think that process alone wi...

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