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Finding Merlin PDF Epub Finding Merlin Author Adam Ardrey Merlin The Very Name Evokes Intriguing Images Magician, Wise Man, Prophet, Adviser To Arthur, Counsellor Of Camelot The Legend Is Famous But Not The Truth That Merlin Was A Historical Figure, A Briton, Who Hailed Not From England Or Wales, As Traditional Wisdom Would Have It, But From Scotland.Adam Ardrey Brings Back To Life Merlin S Role In The Cataclysmic Battles Between Reason And Religion Of Sixth Century Britain Battles Which Merlin Would Ultimately Lose From The Time Of His Death Up Until The Present Day, Historical Records Relating To Merlin Have Been Altered, His True Provenance And Importance Obscured And His Name Changed To Mean Madman The Same Fate Awaited Merlin S Twin Sister, Languoreth, As Intelligent And Powerful As Her Brother But, As A Woman, A Greater Threat To The Power Of Church And State Languoreth S Existence Was All But Obliterated And Her Story Lost Until Now Finding Merlin Uncovers New Evidence And Re Examines The Old The Places Where Merlin Was Born, Lived, Died And Was Buried Are Identified, As Well As The People Surrounding Him His Nemesis Mungo And His Friend The Hero Arthur In This Impressively Well Researched And Accessibly Written Book, Merlin Walks From The Pages Of Legend Into History.

About the Author: Adam Ardrey

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Finding Merlin book, this is one of the most wanted Adam Ardrey author readers around the world.

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    Let s start with the positive, shall we On the plus side, I thought this book was researched on a very deep level and the writer truly put forth an effort to tell what he believes to be the truth I admire the dedication that clearly went into the making of this book a

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    If ever there were aboringly written, scholastically shaky, self agrandizing writer, I do not know who it might be.To take a madly fascinating subject like the true history of the personage called Merlin, one must use the care and attention practiced by a truly good art restor

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    For starters, this book is in terrible need of an editor I m looking at you Overlook I will think thrice about ever reading another one of your publications I should have known that a book whose spine is misspelled on the dust jacket Finding Merln is a sign of the lack of attention to

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    Fascinating read While I don t take it as gospel truth, Adam Ardrey has certainly done his homework Legends have to come from somewhere, and Ardrey makes an excellent case for the historical Merlin The only re...

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    While Ardrey provides ample logical research regarding the life of Merlin and is certainly closer to actual history, I ll not give up the romantic version of him as a mentor and magician in the legend of King Arthur I would not recommend this book to anyone who ta...

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    This was a fascinating read Well researched and detailed The author has a style that is light and communicates easily and holds interest.I will follow his work after this.

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    This is again a book I picked up at the agency I wasn t sure what to expect, I wasn t even sure whether it was fiction or non fiction but, being the arthurian mythology lover that I am, I couldn t let this book pass by without at least giving it a look Turns out it s non fiction and I didthan simply giving it a look I re

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    Encomendei esse livro na empolga o, quando estava escrevendo meu especial O nico e Eterno Rei, sobre o ciclo de lendas arturianas, seus antecedentes e desdobramentos Infelizmente, o volume s chegou depois que j tinha terminado de escrever e depois de passar semanas em cima de textos e iluminuras medievais e duzentas mil vers es d

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    An interesting look at Celtic and British Myths and Legends to name Merlin as a man who was a Druid and lived in ancient times.

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    Merlin the very name summons up images of the wizard of Camelot magician, prophet, and counselor to Arthur The legend is famous but the truth is less well known Merlin was a real historical figure, a champion of the old way of the Druids, a British man who hailed not from England or Wales, as traditional wisdom would have it, but from Scotland.Ada

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