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Silent Witnesses Crime Novelist And Former Police Officer Nigel McCrery Provides An Account Of All The Major Areas Of Forensic Science From Around The World Over The Past Two Centuries The Book Weaves Dramatic Narrative And Scientific Principles Together In A Way That Allows Readers To Figure Out Crimes Along With The Experts Readers Are Introduced To Such Fascinating Figures As Dr Edmond Locard, The French Sherlock Holmes Edward Heinrich, Wizard Of Berkeley, Who Is Credited With Having Solved Than 2,000 Crimes And Alphonse Bertillon, The French Scientist Whose Guiding Principle, No Two Individuals Share The Same Characteristics, Became The Core Of Criminal Identification Landmark Crime Investigations Examined In Depth Include A Notorious Murder Involving Blood Evidence And Defended By F Lee Bailey, The Seminal 1936 Murder That Demonstrated The Usefulness Of The Microscope In Examining Trace Evidence, The 1849 Murder Of A Wealthy Boston Businessman That Demonstrated How Difficult It Is To Successfully Dispose Of A Corpse, And Many Others.

About the Author: Nigel McCrery

Nigel Colin McCrery is an English screenwriter and ex police officer.

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    I really enjoyed this because if you havent noticed by now I love books about the history of fields or history in general The book is really general and so I wouldn t read it if you want to learn details and specifics about how f...

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    Murder has a magic all of its own So said William Roughhead, a 19th century criminologist, and so opens Silent Witnesses The Often Gruesome but Always Fascinating History of Forensic Science.McCrery sets out to demonstrate the wizardry and science of forensic identification, which, as he notes, is a history of uniqueness The book is divided into chapters, with each se

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    Police programmes with a focus on forensics are hugely popular, the CSI franchise getting some 30 million viewers at the height of its popularity The realists of course know that actual real life forensics isn t like that, it s often laborious and very time consuming The instantaneous results obtained by Horatio Caine and Mac Taylor don t reflect real life And certainly not b

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    Continuing my odd streak of reading nonfiction books, I finished Nigel McCrery s Silent Witnesses A History of Forensic Science this evening As I read it, mostly while waiting at the mechanic s garage waiting, I paused to contemplate my fingerprints to see if I have arch, whorl, or loop prints or looked at the mechanics hands to wonder what chemicals and substances they might transfe

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    Started slow but once the author got to the chapter on DNA it was fascinating.

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    ok be endim Polisiye romanlar her zaman ok seven, Bones ve CSI gibi dizilerin m ptelas olan benim i in adli t p tarihini ger ek olaylarla okumak ger ekten m thi ti.

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    I guess I ve read too many books on forensic science as it pertains to solving crimes, because this book was mostly a rehash of cases I was already familiar with, and not written in a terribly gripping way It might not be bad for a starter book for ...

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    Quick tour of some of the advances in forensics from DNA to fingerprinting.

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    This was a really engaging look at the history of forensic science, particularly relating to murder cases I have a good background knowledge in the area, and thought this was very well researched The histo...

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    I picked up this book from the Library because I majored in Forensic Chemistry and love reading books on the topic The book is broken down into 7 main topics that Forensics covers He goes through each chapter giving a nice background on each topic and also gives various stories of how different cases helped or used a method to bring justice to the perpetrator Many of the cases I had never heard before and I thoroughly enjoyed the

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