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A Born Victim A Born Victim Is The Story Of Gill Brogan, A Young Single Mother Who Is Pushed Deep Into Despair By Workplace Bullying Just When She Thinks Nothing Could Get Any Worse She Finds Herself Narrowly Escaping An Attempt On Her LifeSet Against This Troubled Life Is The Story Of Lucy Taylor, An Ambitious Young Detective Who Has Dedicated Herself To Investigating Violent Crimes Against Women Which All Too Often Go Unsolved As She Investigates Case After Case, Each One Disturbing Than The Last, Taylor Begins To See Common Threads Which She Hopes She Can Unravel To Find The Villains And Bring Them To JusticeThe Book Reaches A Climax As A Determined, Well Organised Criminal Group Emerges From The Shadowy World Of Cyber Space To Carry Out One Last Crime In The Real World Lucy Taylor And Her Geeky Side Kick, Mike Watson, Are All That Stand Between The Criminals And Their VictimsThroughout The Book, Psychological Themes Are Analysed Lending A Deeper, Serious Note To The Fast Paced Thriller As The Author Explores The Factors Which Have Formed Our Attitudes Toward Women And The Acceptability Of Violence Against Them Predators preying on previously abused women how chilling Women who are easy targets for than one reason are sought out, groomed and then taken to become actors in movies created for depraved online viewing audiences willing to pay for the privilege of watching how they live out their last days on earth Gill Brogan, a divorced mother of two young children, almost becomes one of the prey but finds a protector that ultimately keeps her safe and eventually provides her with a man she can trust and rely on The main predator is eventually rounded up, as are most of his gang, BUT the question at the end of the story is whether or not all were collected and the knowing that this will no doubt happen again somewhere This is not an easy happy read but one that made me think about evil, then contemplate why some people are evil and enjoy being so and finally think about what can be done to prevent the evils mentioned in this book from happening in the future This is a well paced, well written novel with wonderful characters The story has a few twists and turns and a few surprises toward the end 4.5 stars If one lives long enough, one will most likely meet that person who is a born victim It s that terrible combination of birth and nurture which sets some people up as potential prey It could be that woman who goes from male abuser to male abuser the son or daughter of an alcoholic who wants only to disappear when the bullies show up in the school hallways It s the person who will do anything, anything at all to please their parent, their spouse, their teacher, their employer no matter the cost to themselves They feel as though this is no than what they deserve.So think again when you place the blame or responsibility for a crime onto the victim Maybe, just maybe, they didn t deserve whatever happened to them.One such person is Gill Brogan, a single mother of two, who has just been fired from her job again This has become her norm She works hard, but somehow always seems to attract those who like to use her as their whipping boy Only this time, something different happens when she is escorted from her office building, her employer is waiting for her in his car He takes her to his house where he proceeds to dish out his brand of love and desire Gill, being that born victim, goes along with whatever the boss wants She is one of the lucky ones she gets to go home.DI Lucy Taylor and her colleague Mike Watson, a computer expert, is investigating the deaths of two women The women had gone missing and found weeks later According to the medical examiner they had suffered extreme physical and sexual abuse and then were murdered by drowning.As Taylor and Watson keep digging, what they find stuns them Not only do they find pictures of these women online, there are also videos Violence against submissive women is not a new thing but someone has created a way to make a lot of money from their clients who enjoy watching participating in seeing women suffering pain and being humiliated.This is not a light, fluffy murder mystery There are graphic descriptions The author has chosen a subject that is hard to understand and with his writing abilities invites the reader into the dark corners of a certain segment of our society My thanks to the author for furnishing a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review 4.5 Stars. A Born Victim by R.P Rochford is a 2013 self published release I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review I believe all suffering is caused by ignorance People inflict pain on others in the selfish pursuit of their happiness or satisfaction Dalai Lama XIVA Born Victim begins with the story of Gill Gill is a single mother of two and if it weren t for bad luck, she would have no luck, as the saying goes Gill has been a victim of abuse from childhood all the way up to the present where she is now being bullied in the workplace.Her boss informs her she is a distraction and fires her, only to take her to his place and coerce her into bed.Gill can t find work in any other way now but as a house cleaner.Meanwhile, there have been a some very sadistic murders of young women and Mike Watson and Lucy Taylor are investigating.Mike has uncovered some gruesome cyber crimes that involves abusing women and somehow this connects to the murdered women and to Gill.When it becomes apparent that Gill is the target of a murder plot, a man she works for gets drawn into the melee when his house is the location Gill nearly gets murdered Now on the run, it s a race against the clock as Mike and Lucy attempt to connect the dots and track down the team of sick sadist responsible.This mystery thriller never has a dull moment Not only is this a mystery with a great deal of action and depth, but it deals with some of today s most disturbing crimes involving the internet and cyber crimes This book is not for the faint of heart Some of the crimes are just sick I found myself sitting up in a rigid position while my stomach was in knots wondering who to trust and whether or not Gill was going to survive this odd situation she found herself in.I was also impressed with the contrast the author used to show the difference between evil, perverted men and the good guys The character of Greg, the man Gill cleans for, is an example of how one good positive relationship can make all the difference to a person that has never known a man to really be respectful and gentle and caring We were also given a bit of a psychology lesson on why society, or rather some in society, have such a low opinion of women and treat with them as second class citizens that do not need to be respected.The author not only thrilled us with a very imaginative plot, but touched on some issues such as workplace bullying, domestic violence, and cyber crimes The writing was paced just right to build suspense and character development We watch as Gill begins to realize she is a person that is due respect and that she has the strength within to stand up and fight against those that try to push her around.Overall this one is a good solid A. A well paced, on the edge of your seat read Can t believe it s his first book he writes like a seasoned pro, as others have mentioned also Bought it two days ago and couldn t put it down but I had to get some sleep

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