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Stoner William Stoner Is Born At The End Of The Nineteenth Century Into A Dirt Poor Missouri Farming Family Sent To The State University To Study Agronomy, He Instead Falls In Love With English Literature And Embraces A Scholar S Life, So Different From The Hardscrabble Existence He Has Known And Yet As The Years Pass, Stoner Encounters A Succession Of Disappointments Marriage Into A Proper Family Estranges Him From His Parents His Career Is Stymied His Wife And Daughter Turn Coldly Away From Him A Transforming Experience Of New Love Ends Under Threat Of Scandal Driven Ever Deeper Within Himself, Stoner Rediscovers The Stoic Silence Of His Forebears And Confronts An Essential Solitude.John Williams S Luminous And Deeply Moving Novel Is A Work Of Quiet Perfection William Stoner Emerges From It Not Only As An Archetypal American, But As An Unlikely Existential Hero, Standing, Like A Figure In A Painting By Edward Hopper, In Stark Relief Against An Unforgiving World Back Cover

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    In his extreme youth Stoner had thought of love as an absolute state of being to which, if one were lucky, one might find access in his maturity he had decided it wa

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    Spoiler alert read at your own peril.UPDATE December 2010 I just submitted this to Better Book Titles I hope they accept it.Original Review October 2009 This is the most strai

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    THIS WAS MY BEST BOOK OF 2016 It was a hard decision it was a choice between this andThe Vegetarian by Hang Kang But I had to think which book taught be the most, and which book helped

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    After 63 pages Stunned by Stoner This is agonisingly wonderful At the end Finished Him and me Exquisite but exhausted Then I immediately started rereading something I have only previously done wi

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    I read Stoner after I saw that almost all my friends on GR had read it It s an impressive work which I finished months ago but hard a hard time figuring out what to say about it with thousands of reviews a

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    I was going to start out this review of Stoner by feigning comic incredulity that the former conductor of the Boston Pops wrote a novel about potheads, but that is far, far too obvious and unsatisfying even for the

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    For the hardworking men and women living in the open, windswept farm country of the American Midwest during the late 19th and early 20th century, day to day existence was frequently harsh an occasionally downright hostile, a

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    John Williams s Stoner blew me away I ve never read anything like it and some passages left me moved to the point of exhaustion When I finished I put down the book well, the Nook , picked it up again, and re read highlighted pages Stoner gave me

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    UN DIFETTO DI LUCE Shakespeare le parla attraverso tre secoli di storia, Mr Stoner Riesce a sentirlo Cosa le sta dicendo, Mr Stoner Cosa significa questo sonetto Stoner alz lo sguardo con lentezza, riluttante Significa , disse Significa , ripet , e non ri

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