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The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Prawn Cracker Most Food Writing And Restaurant Criticism Is Concerned With The Ideal, With How By Cooking This, Or Dining There, You Can Somehow Ingurgitate A New Or At Any Rate Improved Social, Aesthetic And Even Spiritual Persona I Aimed To Turn This Proposition On Its Head, And Instead Of Commenting On Where And What People Would Ideally Like To Eat I Would Consider Where And What They Actually Did The Ready Meals, Buffet Snacks And Most Importantly Fast Food That Millions Of Britons Chomp Upon In The Go Round Of Their Often Hurried And Dyspeptic Lives In This Selection From His Hilarious New Statesman Real Meals Column, Will Self Reviews The Chains Where Most Of Us Go To Eat KFC, Greggs, Yo Sushi, Pizza Express And Their Like , Delves Into The Ubiquitous Thai Meal And Chicken Tikka Masala, And Experiences Hotel Breakfasts, Frozen Tv Dinners And Airline Food On Our Behalf These Are Restaurant Reviews Of The Kind You Ve Never Read Before.

About the Author: Will Self

William Self is an English novelist, reviewer and columnist He received his education at University College School, Christ s College Finchley, and Exeter College, Oxford He is married to journalist Deborah Orr.Self is known for his satirical, grotesque and fantastic novels and short stories set in seemingly parallel universes.

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    This is a collection of Will Self s Real Meals columns published originally in The New Statesman magazine where instead of reviewing posh and trendy restaurants he goes to places ordinary people frequent like KFC, Greggs, and McDonalds The one on Kebab

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    Condescending sneering and cocking a leg and pissing over the Working Classes culinary habits is not my idea of fun It s one of those newspaper columns filled with hot air and profoundly stupid opinions, shame on you Will Self, pass me a warm pastie.

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    I m very biased when it comes to Will Self and when I saw this advertised on Netgalley I knew I would have loved it regardless.This a short collection of musings and observations based upon the style of restaurant reviews that you regularly see within popular tabloids a

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    I have often felt that Will Self was not for me Too clever by half, too much using of words that I didn t know, too much drugs, too much superciliousness, too much braggadocio.It turns out that I m wrong As it happens, he s rather good He sends himself up rather a lot in this sh

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    Although I m a big fan of Will Self s non fiction, I shouldn t really have this I bought it last year on Kindle, and realising only after purchase that it was likely to involve a lot of detailed writing about meat, I returned it Having completely forgotten all of this and the ensuing tho

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    Psssst That was the sound of balloons, egos and empires being pricked Gulp That was the sound of realisation that not every top restaurant is good just because you are told it is good, or that the food looks pretty, or that it tastes nice A takeout hamburger can also taste nice and you might equa

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    I particularly enjoyed Self s take on airline meals and the EAT chain of sandwich shops However, Self seems to think factoid means a brief or trivial item of news or information factlet, surely rather than my understanding of the term as an item of unreliable ...

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    The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Prawn Cracker is a collection of Self s Real Meals columns from the New Statesman magazine Unlike his previous job as The Observer restaurant critic, for the New Statesman Will Self undertakes reviews of the places where the masses eat in Britain today places like McDonalds, Gre

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    I still don t see the point of reading restaurant reviews for pleasure. It s not so long ago that I wrote that of My Dining Hell Penguin Specials Twenty Ways To Have a Lousy Night Out and yet here I am again In my defence, I also pointed out in that review that I saw little point of reading reviews of places

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    This is a short collection of essays by Will Self on the kind of food that most people have had at some point in their lives, though the author makes it clear that when he means most people, he means the working to middle classes He writes about the types of fast food and restaurant chains that pop up on many, if not most British h

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