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747: Creating the World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation PDF Epub 747 Creating The World S First Jumbo Jet And Other Adventures From A Life In Aviation By Joe Sutter Easyfaroairporttransfers.co.uk 747 Is The Thrilling Story Behind The Queen Of The Skies The Boeing 747 As Told By Joe Sutter, One Of The Most Celebrated Engineers Of The Twentieth Century, Who Spearheaded Its Design And Construction.Born In 1921 In Seattle, Sutter Grew Up On A Hilltop Overlooking The Boeing Plant And Flying Field It Was A Thrilling Era Of Open Cockpits, Silk Scarves, Leather Helmets, And Goggles After Serving In World War II, Sutter Joined Boeing, Then A Small Company, Eager To Build Airplanes.In July 1965, He Was Asked To Lead The Large Boeing Team Designing The New 747 Pan Am Wanted A New Airliner As Quickly As Possible This All New Transport Had To Be Far Bigger Than Anything In Service Or Even On Anybody S Drawing Board To Make It Fly, Sutter And His Team Would Have To Push Far Beyond The Technological Boundaries Of The Late 1960s Could It Be Done Almost Everything About The 747 Would Be Unprecedented Its Cabin Would Be So Wide That It Would Need Two Aisles Its Horizontal Tail Would Be Bigger Than The Wings Of Most Airliners Ever Built Jet Engines Big Enough To Lift It Off The Ground Didn T Yet Exist Runways At The World S Airports Couldn T Handle It, And Neither Could Boeing S Factories They Had To Erect The World S Largest Building Just To Produce It A Truly Mammoth Undertaking, The 747 Became One Of The Most Successful Airplane Models Ever.Sutter S Vivid Narrative Takes Us Back To A Time When American Technology Was Cutting Edge The 747 Came On The Market The Same Year That Men First Set Foot On The Moon And Jet Travel Was Still Glamorous And New With Wit And Warmth, He Gives An Insider S Sense Of The Larger Than Life Size Personalities And The Tensions In The Aeronautical World Ultimately, 747 Is An Inspiring Story Of Grit And Glory.

About the Author: Joe Sutter

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the 747: Creating the World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation book, this is one of the most wanted Joe Sutter author readers around the world.

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    What s The Point This book is a wide ranging autobiography written by Joe Sutter, the head of the project that created the 747 aircraft design It covers his early life, growing up in Seattle, and the rise of aviation Sutter was interested in planes since he w

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    747 Creating the World s First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation 2007 Joe Sutter and Jay Spenser describes the 747 program and is also partly an autobiography of Sutter.Sutter was born in 1921 in Seattle and grew up seeing Boeing test planes flying about He got an aeronautical engineering degree, did a stint in the Navy in WWII and then returned and worked for Boeing There he worked on the Stratocruiser, a late propellor driven aircraft and then became involved in the 367 80 or dash 80, which was the prototype for the 707 and subsequently the prototype for modern jet liners Sutter then worked on the 737 and helped come up with the design where the engines are just below the wings to allow the plane to be low.Sutter then got the job as head of the 747 program The 747 was, interesting, not the most high profile work then at Boeing The Supersonic Transport, or SST was the highest profile job and doing work on Apollo program items was the second The 747 was seen as an interim aircraft that would sell for a short time before SSTs took over Despite this, an internal Boeing report said that should the price of fuel rise 5% from 1960 levels the SSTs would be uneconomic to operate The market failure of the Concorde and the Tupolev SST that combined sold less than 40 aircraft compared to over 2000 747 sized aircraft s...

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    I started this book before Sutter died I had never heard of him, but I ve always been drawn to the 747 that he and his team designed For me, looking at this plane is like looking at Mt Rainier It never gets old The 747 was second fiddle to the SST and Sutter s engineers we

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    As you can see from the cover, this book is discussed how the Boeing 747, or the Jumbo Jet was made Joe Sutter, the author of this book, was an engineer who worked at Boeing and he also contributed to the designing of the 747 He and his team had struggles while making this plane

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    747 clearly describes the challenges and triumph being a leading aerodynamic designer in the 747 engineering team at Boeing Joe Sutter s autobiography and biography on the 747 and aviation from the 30s to today As a child, Joe Sutter lived near the old Boeing factory in the thirties and saw Clippers, B 17s, Stratoliners, Model 299, and served in the Navy during WW...

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    This is an interesting look at the creation of the 747 written by the director of engineering on the project It combines both discussion of the process and aviation at the time with some of the corporate politics.It is funny to hear about PanAm as the big player who called the shots Also, tuck

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    I greatly enjoyed learning about Boeing s history as well as hearing of many of the challenges and decisions that needed to be made while the 747 was in development From a purely technical perspective, this book exceeded my expectations That said, throughout the book, Sutter takes personal digs at m

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    Joe Sutter, a lifelong Seattleite born in 1921, a son of a Slovenian immigrant butcher who Americanized his family name, was fascinated by aviation since childhood After graduating from the University of Washington and serving in the US Navy during World War II, Sutter joined Boeing and worked up through th

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    What could be fun than designing airplanes As an added bonus, the planes Joe Sutter built were not intended to kill people Sutter oversaw the design of the 747 in the 1960s He can t be said to be the sole designer, as there were than a thousand engineers involved

    A now defunct airline, Pan Am, had p

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    An excellent book written by the lead design engineer on the 747, Joe Sutter At this writing November, 2017 Sutter has been retired from Boeing for 30 years and is 95 years old.Sutter wrote the book after retiring and it is a great perspective on aerospace history as well as the issues in complex design projects with lar

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