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Still Outwardly The Unfilmable Script Of A Would Be English Cineste, One Richard Arthur Thornby Currently Lecturing In Texas On The Cinema He Airs A Hypothetical Movie Of Both His Own American Present And His Middle Class English Families Past John Fowles

About the Author: Adam Thorpe

Adam Thorpe is a British poet, novelist, and playwright whose works also include short stories and radio dramas.Adam Thorpe was born in Paris and grew up in India, Cameroon, and England Graduating from Magdalen College, Oxford in 1979, he founded a touring theatre company, then settled in London to teach drama and English literature.His first collection of poetry, Mornings in the Baltic 1988 , w

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    Absolutely stunning book The story was incredibly compelling and written in such an involving and atmospheric way This is the first book I have read that is written in the stream of consciousness style and I find the style truly intriguing and entertaining More so than ...

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