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Automatic Wealth, the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind-Including Automatic Wealth, The Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind Including As A Man Thinketh, The Science Of Getting Rich, The Way To Wealth And Think And Grow Rich The Bestsellers On This Book Give Sound Advice About Money Or How To Obtain It Just Shoot To The Stars And Stay Focused On Your Dreams And It Will Happen There Is Nothing That We Can Imagine, That We Can T Do So What Are We Waiting For, Let S Begin The Journey Of Self Fullfillment.4 Bestsellers In 1 Book As A Man Thinketh By James AllenYour Thoughts And Your Dreams Determine What You Are And What You Will Be This Little Book Is Meant To Stimulate Men And Women To The Discovery And Perception Of The Truth That They Themselves Are Makers Of Themselves, By Virtue Of The Thoughts Which They Choose And Encourage Contents Effect Of Thought On Circumstances Effect Of Thought On Health And Body Thought And Purpose Thought Factor In Achievement Vision And Ideals Serenity The Science Of Getting Rich By Wallace D Wattles,THIS Book Is Pragmatical, Not Philosophical A Practical Manual, Not A Treatise Upon Theories It Is Intended For The Men And Women Whose Most Pressing Need Is For Money Who Wish To Get Rich First, And Philosophize Afterward It Is For Those Who Have, So Far, Found Neither The Time, The Means, Nor The Opportunity To Go Deeply Into The Study Of Metaphysics, But Who Want Results And Who Are Willing To Take The Conclusions Of Science As A Basis For Action, Without Going Into All The Processes By Which Those Conclusions Were Reached.The Way To Wealth By Benjamin FranklinThe First American Book On Personal Finance, The Way To Wealth By Benjamin Franklin Is Still The Best And Wisest Money Book Ever Written Originally Published In 1758 As The Preface To Poor Richard S Almanack, This Little Gem Has Been Through Innumerable Printings And Sold Millions Of Copies To Those In Search Of Smart But Entertaining Advice About Hard Work, Earning And Saving Money And Debt As The 21st Century Charges Along And The Current Economic Climate Continues To Send Out Mixed Messages, Franklin S Simple But Wise Commentary On The Value Of Industry And Frugality Resonates As Much For Us Today As It Did For Listeners Nearly 350 Years Ago This Book Is Very Short, But He Gets To The Point.Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe It Can Achieve Napoleon HillBe Prepared, Therefore, When You Expose Yourself To The Influence Of This Philosophy, To Experience A CHANGED LIFE Which May Help You Not Only To Negotiate Your Way Through Life With Harmony And Understanding, But Also To Prepare You For The Accumulation Of Material Riches In Abundance Teaching, For The First Time, The Famous Carnegie Formula For Money Making, Based Upon The THIRTEEN PROVEN STEPS TO RICHES.Organized Through 25 Years Of Research, In Collaboration With Than 500 Distinguished Men Of Great Wealth, Who Proved By Their Own Achievements That This Philosophy Is Practical.

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