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Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories Nove Casos, Nove Mist Rios Aparentemente F Ceis De Resolver O Caso Ins Lito De Um Homem Ferido Que Procura A Igreja Como Ref Gio A Enigm Tica Charada Que Um Velho Exc Ntrico Decide Deixar Como Heran A Uma Criada Cuja Extrema Efici Ncia Levanta Suspeitas Uma Sinistra Premoni O Que Muda O Rumo De V Rias Vidas E, Claro, Miss Marple, Que Para Estupefac O Geral Resolve Tudo Aparentemente Num Piscar De Olhos.Miss Marple Investiga Miss Marple S Final Cases Foi Originalmente Publicado Na Gr Bretanha Em 1979, Ano Em Que Seria Igualmente Editado Nos Estados Unidos.

About the Author: Agatha Christie

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

10 thoughts on “Miss Marple's Final Cases and Two Other Stories

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    I have now come to the end of my Miss Marple reading marathon this year, with this final volume, Miss Marple s Final Cases Although I often struggle with short stories, this is a fun collection, with a mix of both stories which feature Miss Marple and a couple of stand alone

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    I was meant to read this as the final book in my Miss Marple Marathon in 2017, but somehow I never did So after a Christmas of numerous Poirots on tv, I thought I d finally finish my challenge, 13 months late And very enjoyable it was to.This book of short stories showcases both how

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    Se cunosc cazuri c nd un om r nit mortal s a ridicat singur i a mers o bun bucat de drum ca i cum nimic nu s ar fi nt mplat, pentru ca dup cinci, zece minute s le ine instantaneu Me terii de odinioar erau foarte inventivi c nd trebuiau s conceap ascunz tori E ca i cum ai ascunde un secret nt

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    EXCERPT The Vicar s wife came around the corner of the vicarage with her arms full of chrysanthemums A good deal of rich garden soil was attached to her strong brogue shoes and a few fragments of earth were adhering to her nose, but of that fact she was perfectly unconscious Christened by her optimi

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    They are all good, but I love Miss Marple the most

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    Book 14 of the Miss Marple Challenge This one is a set of short stories, six of the original final cases, an additional Miss Marple story Greenshaw s Folly and two non Marple stories, In A Glass Darkly and the Dressmaker s Doll The edition I have has only the original six but I dug out two others from other Christi

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    Miss Marple s Final Cases is the first Agatha Christie that I have read and it s one that I happened across rather than chose to read Final Cases is a collection of six short Miss Marple stories along with two additional and somewhat eerie stories of the supernatural This collection was originally published in 1979 but the

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    2.5 but honestly, I couldn t make myself round it up to 3It was a snoozefest I kinda felt like pages were missing from my book I mean, short stories, okay, but damn.Let me show you what it felt like.Miss Christie There s a butler with a pink umbrella who has a tabby cat and smokes two cigarettes a day Who is the killer Me Me, 2 ho

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    . 8 ..6

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    Namanya saja kumpulan cerita, ada yg bagus dan biasa saja Dua cerita terakhir berbau mistis.

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