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Sleazy Rider When Newlyweds Emma And Kit Speed Away On Their Matching Ducati Motorbikes, Emma Knows Not To Expect A Conventional Honeymood From The Moment They Meet A Biker Gang And The Leader Takes A Shine To Emma, Events Take A Turn For The Bizarre For The First Time In Her Life She Will Be Pushed To Her Limits As The Gang S Idea S For How To Have A Good Time Get And Outrageous With Hard Drinking Rock Bands, Hunky Stuntmen, Booze Fuelled Biker Festivals And A Whole Lot Of Kinky Behaviour On The Agenda, Emma S Taste For Adventure Is Tested To The Max And Kit S Not About To Step In And Save Her From The Wild Bunch As He S Having Too Much Fun Himself A Wild, Leather Clad, Biker Orgy, This High Octane Spin Across The Continent Is Set To Send The Blood Racing.

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    Three points for world s best title I was excited when I saw this was the sequel for Up To No Good but it just wasn t the same Mostly, I just get tired of reading books only about dominition.

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    MehNot my kind of reading I skipped quite a lot since the story felt structured. Didn t feel like missed anything in between.

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    I haven t read the shades of whatever book, but I suspect that this book is a muchrealistic portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle Emma and Kit are on their honeymoon, biking across the countryside In that opening line, they are having a sexual encounter on the ferry, when Emma catches a biker on the deck below w

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    This book.Considering it is a sequel to Wedding Games, the author seems to have forgotten everything that happened in the first book, aside from THE WEDDING All of Emma s experiences and her journey in Wedding Games were completely neglected and not at all mentioned in Honeymoon Games which showed continuity issues

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    The ending BARELY saved this sequel to Up to No Good After establishing Emma Kit s electrifying chemistry, why would you have them separated for 90% of this novel A poor decision by the author I won t be reading this one again.

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    Kinda thought the whole concept was a bit crazy but same as the first book really if HOT sex and anything goes scenarios are your thing this will be right up your alley I thought that she was an ungrateful dirty bitch and not particularly in a good ...

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    Black Lace Erotica

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